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88004 on 4S43 Daventry to Mossend passing Bee lane preston177 views55555
(3 votes)
37609 37607 6C53 Preston171 viewsCrewe to Sellafield flasks pause at Preston55555
(3 votes)
37603 Bamber Bridge250 viewsthe 37 powers up through Bamber Bridge, ironically despite being billed as a class 20 hauled tour, only one chopper was available and was bizarrely tucked behind the tractor55555
(3 votes)
90020 on hire to DRS407 views90020 and 47805 lead a rake of four virgin liveried MK2s. the train running as 5Z90 is photographed passing Leyland en route from Crewe to Kingmoor and rumoured to be in readiness for class 68 trailling55555
(5 votes)
20303 37425 6K73 Sellafield to Crewe nukes240 viewsBee Lane Preston55555
(5 votes)
DRS Quartet, 20303, 20305, 20304, 20306 268 viewsCrewe to Sellafield nukes pass Meathop near Grange over sands.55555
(5 votes)
57008, 57007, 37510 and 37688 535 viewsfour locos for four flasks approaching Euxton Balshaw Lane with the 6K73 Sellafield to Crewe nuclear flasks55555
(5 votes)
37604 tails the Lancs Links past Farington Lodge heading to Ormskirk215 views55555
(4 votes)
57008 57007 6C18127 viewsCrewe to Carlisle 55555
(4 votes)
6C46 Flimby183 views37259 leads 37607 and 57011 on Sellafield to Kingmoor empty flasks55555
(4 votes)
20302-6k73199 views20302 unbranded and 37610 pass through Preston with the 6K73 Sellafield to Crewe flasks55555
(4 votes)
37601 'Class 37 fifty' and 37194 pass Woodacre with brand new flats from Kilmarnock to Trafford Park265 views18.10.2012 consist was
7045200297 E FWA
7045200289 E FWA
7045200156 E FWA
7045200149 E FWA
7045200321 E FWA
7045200339 E FWA
7045200305 E FWA
7045200313 E FWA
7045200263 E FWA
7045200271 E FWA
7045200404 E FWA
7045200412 E FWA
7045200206 E FWA
7045200214 E FWA
7045200131 E FWA
7045200123 E FWA
(11 votes)
68003 and 37605 passing Leyland with a train of flats from Daventry to Motherwell233 views44444
(7 votes)
88002 on its first loaded test run passing Leyland. 68025 was also included278 views44444
(10 votes)
193 views20302 20312 6K73 Preston44444
(5 votes)
47853 tails the shoppex ecs from PReston to Euxton Buckshaw Parkway198 views44444
(3 votes)
belle790310 views47790 and 47818 pass Preston on the London Euston to Edinburgh Northern Belle44444
(3 votes)
393 views68002 tailing a test train through Lancaster led by 6801144444
(4 votes)
37604 dragging 37401 through Preston 278 views44444
(9 votes)
sod the environment192 viewsclaggy 37194 and 37688 storm towards Bamber bridge with the Cumbrian Crusader railtour44444
(6 votes)
Malcolms 66434353 views66434 fresh out of Kingmoor with Malcolms new colour scheme passes through Preston with 4M44 coatbridge to Daventry Modal.44444
(13 votes)
37401315 viewsDRS open day Kingmoor 18-july-201544444
(7 votes)
68002 and 68003 head 4s43 Daventry to Mossend through Preston241 views44444
(7 votes)
47818 Woodacre301 views5Z89 ECS from Crewe to Mossend for the boat train44444
(7 votes)
47832-47790321 viewsNorthern Belles dedicated pair 47832 and 47790 head to Ravenglass from Wilmslow through Leyland44444
(7 votes)
37423 and 57301 pass through Preston on 5Z02 Derby to Kingmoor ECS comprising of newly branded Scotrail coaches443 views44444
(5 votes)
68009 waits to depart Preston with a test train to Motherwell257 views44444
(5 votes)
287 views68011 leads a 5Z68 test train from Carlsile Kingmoor to Crewe Gresty Green through Lancaster44444
(5 votes)
37218 37612 6Z40 Leyland175 views37218 in the new DRS livery with 37612 passes through Leyland with a 6Z40 Kingmoor to Crewe low level waste container. Presumably a retimed 6K73 for some reason.44444
(4 votes)
37610 Bamber Bridge700 views66514 was declared a failure at Preston with a siezed traction motor blocking platform 3 with 4S41 Fiddlers Ferry to Hunterston FLHH empties. The train was rescued by 37610 which was in the area on route refresher training and eventually departed preston 4 and a half hours late via the Settle Carlisle line. 66514 was left stranded unable to move awaiting wheel skates.44444
(4 votes)
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